A New Hope


Editor’s note: Shinbone Star staffers have been working so hard that we felt we needed a doctor. So we added one! Not only can she bandage our wounds, but she can write a bit, too! Yes, I stole that title from Star Wars, but that’s what I need right now, a new hope and Star Wars. I don’t have to […]


Check out my first foray into hard hitting journalism.

Well, they are the journalists, I am the wannabe.

It really is an honor to be a part of the Shinbone Star!  When I read Glenn’s first post about a retired editor and journalists getting back to work, fighting against the attacks on good truthful journalism, I was ecstatic!  What a great idea!  They have nothing to lose!  They can use their collective skills unencumbered by newspaper sales and expectation of unbiased reporting…

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