Bernie Sanders is a Screaming Lunatic

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All About Being Human (award-free zone)

Bernie Sanders is the ONLY candidate for President that’s running his campaign such that there is complete visibility into the sort of president he would be.

DNC Data Breach: The DNC data breach happened. His campaign IMMEDIATELY responded to the DNC’s public attacks. Hillary then went on the attack. Bernie filed the lawsuit and triggered the petition that resulted in 750,000 signatures to restore his data that very same day. The problem was resolved by the end of the day, and Bernie put the Bernie-Hillary bickering to rest for good in the debate.

Hillary’s Benghazi Emails: He had everything to gain and nothing to lose by letting Hillary suffer her email issues and get dragged through the dirt some more. Yet he sacrificed all of that political gain to come forward and defend her.

Trump: Trump attacked Hillary with the “schlonged” thing. Hillary started doing back and forth bickering…

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