Bernie Sanders is a Genius

All About Being Human (award-free zone)

I find myself obsessing over Bernie Sanders.  Here I am, and it’s 4:13 AM.  I’ve been up all night learning how to use Twitter so I can engage more with people who are infected with #FeelTheBern fever.

“Why am I obsessing over him,” I ask myself.

I was just sitting on the toilet, feeling all nice and fuzzy from smoking MMJ and watching #FeelTheBern youtubes all night, and I realized that Bernie Sanders is an absolute genius at manipulation.

He is going after Trump’s voters now.  Will he get them?  The answer is, absolutely!  Just like he nabbed me.  Here’s how he does it.

Think about Bernie Sanders as a little robot.  The robot is programmed to do one and only one thing — ingrain in every single brain an image of a visionary world.  Every single time someone tries to derail him, he goes right back to his mission, he…

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