Arabs are calling out their governments for not doing enough to help refugees


Warning: This post contains distressing images.

The devastating photos of a Syrian boy who drowned trying to get to Europe has sparked international outrage. But at the same time, there is more—much more—that governments in the Arabian Peninsula could do to provide shelter for desperate Syrians.

To date, the oil-rich Arab states have not offered to take in any of the refugees.

Many Arabs are turning to social media in anger at their countries’ reluctance to open their doors. A hashtag, “receiving refugees is the people’s demand,” was started by people in Saudi Arabia and features a number of harrowing photos and powerful cartoons, according to Arab spring activist Iyad El-Baghdadi.

El-Baghdadi tells Quartz via email that while it’s very difficult to judge “what people feel on the ground,” the social-media response highlights the groundswell of outrage…

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