I quit working full-time years agoโ€”here’s why I recommend it highly


Life is too short for a full-time job. Too short, and too precious.

Time unwatched is its own treasure, gracious host to conversations that drift and swoop, afternoons that stretch into evenings, dinners that slur into a last coffee.

And, if youโ€™re like me, and can spend entire winters watching tongues of fire flicker in an open fireplace, asย Bill Wattersonย said, โ€œthereโ€™s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.โ€

But you donโ€™t have to listen to me, part-time mountain dweller and full-time maverick. Hereโ€™s Carlos Slim, the worldโ€™s second richest man:ย โ€œWe should be working only 3 days a week.โ€ It is time, he says, for a radical overhaul of our working lives. We need more time to relax, for quality of life.

In his book, Critical Path, polymath and futurist Buckminster Fuller anticipated that rising productivity would make part-time work an option for allโ€ฆ

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