13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT–Kin 129, Red Crystal Moon

The galactic Maya were star travelers who incarnated here, at a specified time, to seed the planet and to leave clues of our planetary being for this stage of our transformation.

Life as we know it cannot continue. But this is not a bad thing. We all know the problems of the planet. The system of civilization is unsustainable.  Something new and exciting is brewing just below the threshold of waking consciousness.

We are exiting a software program called “history” and entering into a new galactic program, if we so choose (and not all will). What we choose to think and believe in the next three moons is critical for what is to unfold. There is much subtle energy at play at this time.

A main purpose of the Cosmic History Chronicles is to point out that the entire 5,125-year cycle is a particular program…

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