Awakening Your Third Eye, The Easy Way To Activate Your Pineal Gland

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Culture of Awareness

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Opening the inner eye towards cosmic consciousness requires devotion to connecting with the greater part of you that is the extension of cosmic consciousness. It is realizing your resistance of ego and proper placement of awareness back into alignment with your higher self.   This exercise employs sound, frequency, desire and vibration to intuitively activate the potential of our pineal gland,… or third eye.

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DiEM25 is in the air – a preliminary Q&A

THANK YOU from a poor village : SAN CHIRICO RAPARO

Yanis Varoufakis

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DiEM25 is, indeed, in the air. Our website ( has made its first appearance on the airwaves, as have our Facebook and Twitter (@diem_25) pages.

DiEM’s Manifesto will appear in the next few days and our webpages will ‘mature’ into a fully fledged website by our launch date – the 9th of February. While waiting for the Volksbuehne Theatre event of that night, here is a brief Q&A, answering some of the questions we have been receiving from all over Europe. 

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